The Islands Best Hot Dog!

There’s a reason why we here at Street Meet win “Islands Best Hot Dog Award” year in and year out. We offer three different premium-style hot dogs here at the Meet. The first is our award winning Hoffman German Frank. The Hoffman is a classic-style hot dog made in Syracuse, New York. It’s a combination of three meats: beef, pork, and veal; it has a distinct flavor and comes wrapped in a natural skin casing similar to a sausage. The Hoffman brand is number one when it comes to premium hot dogs. In addition to the traditional German Frank, we also offer the Hoffman Snappy Griller. A white dog made with veal and pork, it has a mellow flavor and is perfect with a variety of different mustards. Last but certainly not least, we also offer the Nathans Famous dog that put Coney Island on the map. Made with 100% beef, the Nathans is a skinless hot dog that ball-park-frank enthusiasts are sure to love. Whether you’re in the mood for something traditional, or contemporary, Street Meet has a high-quality dog for you. Come out and see what you’ve been missing! Street Meet, where the kitchen is open until 1:00 A.M. and high-quality food, meets a no-compromise attitude. Call us at 843-842-2570 for more information.