Small Batch Saturdays

Everyone knows that small batch bourbon is superior to its mass-produced counterpart. With a smaller batch comes more attention to detail, precision, and quality. The same is true for most anything made with care in small quantities. Here at the American Tavern, we take pride in what some locals have been calling, Small batch Saturdays. Recently, we’ve decided to make two specialty soups in very small batches on saturday mornings. With these soups, craftsmanship and quality-time are a must, (hence why we can only do this once a week!) and saturday morning, for us at the tavern, is no longer about cartoons. We’d rather get up early and start stirring soups than sleep in. A clam chowder to die for, an egg drop soup with fried wonton, a lentil and sausage soup, and an expertely seasoned vegetable soup have all been on the menu thus far. None of these exceptional soups will last long, so Saturday lunch is a must during these cold months. Street Meet, where we still make what you love by hand.

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