Draft day Party!

Attention all Brown”s fans! On April 11th, “Draft Day” will open in theaters nation-wide. The film features Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Garner, and Kevin costner, in a story about the struggle to assemble a winning squad in Cleveland. You can check out the trailer here. At Street Meet, it”s always Brown”s season, and we”re celebrating the release of the film with special group ticket prices and free browns commeroative gear. For $5.00 you”ll get a ticket t0 the movie, and a browns cup. After the movie, we”ll be showing Brown”s highlights from the old days, with complimentary orange jello shots! Let”s get ready for next season early with a party at the Tavern! Street Meet, where the kitchen is always open until 1:00 A.M. Call us at 843-842-2570 for more information, and visit us at www.facebook.com/streetmeethhi for daily updates. Go Browns!