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Stupid Cupid!

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, and in fact, we at Street Meet are more interested in all of the singles rather than couples out there this year. Cupid is stupid, so come and celebrate single’s awareness day here at the Tavern. Blind Archer shots will be $4.50 all night long, because with cupids aim, he may as well be blind. House vodka, flavored vodka, and jager bombs are only $3.00 and are available with an accompanying hug upon request. Take the sting out of another year alone with the best late-night-bar staff on the island — Neil will be pouring mind-erasers for $7.00 if you really need to forget something in particular. Street Meet the American Tavern, where comfort-food, cocktails, and camaraderie collide.

Super-Bowl Sunday Pig-Roast!

Cleveland may not have made the super-bowl this year, but we”ve still got reason to celebrate here at the tavern. We”re roasting a pig, top to bottom, and offering a full buffet with all the fixings for $14.95 and kids eat for $7.95. There”s going to be super-bowl prizes and giveaways all game long.  Street Meet will open up for business at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday for our full menu, and by around 5:00 the pig will be ready for everyone to enjoy. The forecast is for highs in the upper sixties and clear skies — so regardless of what”s happening in New Jersey you can spend this outdoor super-bowl outdoors with us at Street Meet! Come on out and enjoy our big-screen TVs and world class football food on America”s favorite Sunday.  Street Meet The American Tavern: home of the Islands best late-night bar and best hot dog.



Small Batch Saturdays

Everyone knows that small batch bourbon is superior to its mass-produced counterpart. With a smaller batch comes more attention to detail, precision, and quality. The same is true for most anything made with care in small quantities. Here at the American Tavern, we take pride in what some locals have been calling, Small batch Saturdays. Recently, we’ve decided to make two specialty soups in very small batches on saturday mornings. With these soups, craftsmanship and quality-time are a must, (hence why we can only do this once a week!) and saturday morning, for us at the tavern, is no longer about cartoons. We’d rather get up early and start stirring soups than sleep in. A clam chowder to die for, an egg drop soup with fried wonton, a lentil and sausage soup, and an expertely seasoned vegetable soup have all been on the menu thus far. None of these exceptional soups will last long, so Saturday lunch is a must during these cold months. Street Meet, where we still make what you love by hand.

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Restaurant Week

Enjoy restuaruant week here at the American Tavern from Janurary 25th to February 1st. We have a few different burger options for our patrons this year: Entrees: House Burger -8oz hand-pattied Burger Primus Burger– 8oz hand-pattied Burger topped with Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Wings & BBQ sauce Pittsburger – 8oz hand-pattied Burger topped with Cole Slaw, French Fries & a Fried Egg Cheese Burger – 8oz hand-pattied burger with –American, Cheddar, Blue Cheese or Provolone Drink: Glass of House Wine or Domestic Draft Dessert: Our Famous Fried Oreo or Fried Twinkie Chose a burger, drink, and desert all for $15.00 We”ll see you at the Meet! Like us on Facebook for daily updates!

cleveland bfowns

Bed-Time Browns

With the end of the regular season this week, the Browns will unfortunately finish below .500 again and miss the playoffs. However, since its Bed-time for the Browns, we’re buying a round of beers for whoever comes out this week dressed in their pajammas. Christmas pajammas, browns pajammas, even kids pajammas, all will do — as long as they aren’t Steeler pajammas. Let’s end the season on a high note, with free beer, a Browns win, and, most importantly, a Steeler loss that will knock them out of playoff contention. We’ll see you at the Tavern!


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The End of Prohbition is near!

promo-150x150Rejoice! Swing from the rafters! Grab your Tommy-guns, three-piece suits, and fedoras! This year we’re marking the end of Prohibition to thank our great customers for their continued support. We have four cocktail specials for the evening featuring New Amsterdam and Striped Pig distilleries. We’ll be serving Rum Runners with Striped-Pig rum, Orange and Pineapple Juice, Creme de Banana, and Blackberry Schnapps for $5.00 and Striped-Pig 120-proof moonshine shots for $4.00. A gin rickey and a vodka metropolitan made with New Amsterdam products will also be on the menu for $4.00. From six to eight, we’ll have a lunch-style buffet free to anyone who brings an unwrapped toy to donate to the Toys-for-tots cause. We’ll see you soon! Call us at 843-842-2570 for more information or visit our facebook page at for daily updates.

Top-Shelf Bourbon

Did you know that we here at Street Meet are Bourbon and American Whisky enthusiasts? In the true spirit of America, the tavern keeps a large collection of high-quality whisky on the shelves which is all proudly distilled, bottled, and consumed right here in America.

Booker’s is the best product available from the men and women behind Jim Beam, which is the world’s most popular bourbon. It’s high proof (128.5), does little to diminish the hearty flavor of charred oak and sweet corn in every sip. You can enjoy a glass up, with rocks, or a splash of water for just $9.00

Four Rose’s single barrel is another exceptional bourbon on the top shelf here at the tavern. A single barrel means that all of the whiskey in a given bottle came from one select barrel. Axiomatically, this means that only the finest and high quality barrels are used in these bourbons since they will not be blended with other barrels. A tasty Four Rose’s will only set you back $8.75.

Maker’s Mark is an industry standard when it comes to consistency and quality. A Maker’s on the rocks costs a mere $6.75, and the dilution of the bourbon by the ice tames the smokey texture of this whisky’s finish nicely.

Woodford Reserve small-batch bourbon is another excellent seller here at Street Meet. Priced at $7.50, its an excellent alternative to Four Rose’s. While it is a blended whisky, the smaller batches also requires distillers to be choosy with the barrels used to age the product to create a consistent and powerful taste.

Basil Hayden’s is another selection which we are proud to offer. When Basil Hayden first distilled whiskey from a corn mash George Washington was president. Steeped in tradition, the Basil Hayden method of fermenting, distilling, and aging bourbon remains true to the ways of the past. Also priced at $8.75 it’s become a favorite among many locals.

Bulleit 95  Rye may not be a bourbon as it’s made from a rye grain mash, but that doesn’t mean it is any less delicious. With a flavor that’s round, sweet, and sugary, it’s the perfect desert for a meal filled with beers and bratwurst. At $7.50 the value is hard to beat.

In addititon to our top-shelf bourbons, we also carry Jim Beam white-label, Wild Turkey 101, and Wild Turkey Rye for those with less expensive palettes. If you’re in the mood for old-fashioned, American whisky, look no further than Street Meet the America Tavern.



Trivia at Street Meet!

Did you know that every Tuesday at Street Meet you can win prizes at Trivia Night? We”ve been at it for about eight weeks now and Trivia is a huge success. Our host, Brittany Shane, has come up with all kinds of questions based on sports, movies, television, and a variety of other categories. The favorite of the crowd that frequent Tuesday night trivia  so far has been the “name that tune” round.  Whether its a song or theme song, we put your musical knowledge to the test with a few select measures of popular songs. In addition, Brittany also has incorporated a picture identification round that has everything from athletes to cartoons. If you”re looking for something to break up your current social-scene, then stop by Street Meet on Tuesdays for Trivia. First prize wins twenty dollars of Street Meet cash, second place gets ten dollars of Street Meet cash, and third wins a round of specialty shots for their table. –Wait, you didn”t know? That”s right, Tuesday is shot night: Fireball, Rumpleminz, Jager, Jim Beam, Peppermint Schnapps, Tuaca, and Sambuca are all just three dollars. THREE DOLLARS. So get out here, think a little, and drink a little.

Street Meet: Where the kitchen is open until 1:00 A.M. every night and the bartenders are the best on Hilton Head.

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The Battle for Ohio

With a huge win over the Ravens this past week, the Browns are set to attack the top of the division, the Cincinnati Bengals. The Browns will be on the road on the 17th of November hosted by a very good Bengals squad. Andy Dalton struggled last Sunday while our current man-under-center Jason Campbell kept us in the game all four quarters. The defense will have their hands full up-front with one of the highest ranked offensive lines in Cincinnati, led by veteran Andrew Whitworth, but as the previous week has shown, if you can disrupt Dalton, he”s prone to mistakes. Here at Street Meet, the Official Browns Backer”s Bar of Hilton Head Island, we”ll have the Brownies on every TV we have. If you”re in town, come and root for Cleveland with the locals and enjoy great food and drinks. Pabst Blue Ribbon pitchers are only six bucks, and Bloody Mary”s are three bucks all day long. Let”s go Browns!! Like us on facebook for daily updates.

The Islands Best Bartender!

Who has the best staff on the Island when it comes to late night bartending? You guessed it, Street Meet the American Tavern. Neil Beatty, our lead late-night bartender has been at it for over a decade, and his tasty cocktails, speedy service, and jovial laugh are proof of his experience. Recently Neil was honored by his favorite patrons, as well as the rest of the island, and awarded Bartender of the Year by the Island Packet Reader’s-Choice Poll. Over 155,000 votes were tallied this year during the poll and Neil had stiff competition all across the Island. We caught up with Neil after he was presented the award and asked him what his secret was. “Experience is a huge plus in this business, and I’ve got my fair share of it – but what I believe is most important is attitude. Maintaining a good attitude is essential in keeping customers happy and comfortable. Whether I’ve seen them a hundred times before, or for the very first time, I strive to keep my customers with a beverage in their hand, and a smile on their face.” Neil works Thursday through Sunday and can’t wait to meet you, so head on over to the tavern where the kitchen doesn’t close until 1:00 A.M. Street Meet, home of the Islands best bartender – call us at 843-842-2570 for directions and daily specials.