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Current Craft Beer Line-Up

Here at Street Meet, we believe change is a good thing, and nothing embodies that more at the tavern than our beer selection. Whether it’s seasonal beers or small-batch releases, keeping it fresh and new with craft-brews from across the country is something we take pride in.

Recently we had Bell’s Hopslam double-IPA in twelve-ounce bottles. A delicious beer with grapefruit, hop-bitterness, and floral notes at the forefront of its taste-profile, it conceals its high ABV (10%) with a well-rounded and clean drinking flavor. This beer is only available in February, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a case for our sophisticated drinking crowd.

Another favorite here is from Bell’s brewing. Their “Two-hearted” IPA is available all year and is one of our best-selling craft brews. Less intense than its double-IPA counterpart, this beer has earthier and fruitier notes on the palate than one might expect.

Caldera brewing from Ashland Oregon also has two beers in our craft brewing line-up. Their IPA is most definitely their flagship beer, but their APA is becoming more and more popular with Hilton Head craft beer enthusiasts. The American Pale Ale boasts a flavor that is refreshing, citrusy and crisp — perfect for an island!

If Stouts are more typical of a selection for your beer drinking hobby, have no fear, we here at Street Meet carry Victory Storm King. An American Double Stout at 9.1% alcohol, Storm King is not for the faint of heart. With its rich coffee, toffee, and chocolate notes, this beer is most popular during the colder winter months.  Victory Hop-devil IPA also makes frequent cameo appearances on tap here at the tavern.

Perhaps dark beers aren’t your forte — not to worry — we carry a delicious brew from Avery brewing in Boulder C.O. White Rascal is one of the tastiest Belgian-white style beers a drinker could ever ask for. Orange notes, coriander, brew spices, and citrus combine with a light body and texture for a true summertime favorite.

Additionally, on tap, we carry Sam Adam’s seasonal brews. Whether its Oktoberfest season, or time for winter lager we stay committed to pouring one of the originals when it comes to craft beer. Currently, Cold Snap, Sam Adam’s winter-wheat beer is available until mid-march when the transition to spring occurs.

Another tap of our available six pours craft beer as well. While today it’s Victory Hop Devil, tomorrow it could be Freehouse Brewing’s Green Door U.S.D.A. Organic IPA from Charleston S.C, or perhaps Stone I.P.A. from our friends out in San Diego.

So if you’re looking to enjoy a tasty craft beer instead of the typical lite-beer so commonly found in bars across America, stop by Street Meet the American Tavern, because variety is the spice of life.

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Did you know its double-IPA season here at the tavern? One of our favorite brewers is Bells brewing, based in Comstock Michigan. Recently they released their highly allocated and highly sought after ‘HopSlam’ double-IPA. This craft creation comes in at a whopping 10% alcohol by volume, but surprisingly, it possesses a balanced flavor and body. Craft-beer on Hilton Head is at an all-time high when it comes to popularity, and at Street Meet we’re proud of our selection. Even at this high ABV the beer retains an easy drinking personality, with hops and pine at the forefront of its taste profile. Only available during the winter brewing months, this double-IPA is always in high demand. Luckily, we were able to snag a case or two for the tavern. We’re selling twelve ounce bottles here at the bar for $7.50, cheaper than anybody on the block, because we believe everyone has to get a taste of this stuff before it’s gone! Check out HopSlam on Bell’s online brewing profile and find out what you’ve been missing.

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Stupid Cupid!

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, and in fact, we at Street Meet are more interested in all of the singles rather than couples out there this year. Cupid is stupid, so come and celebrate single’s awareness day here at the Tavern. Blind Archer shots will be $4.50 all night long, because with cupids aim, he may as well be blind. House vodka, flavored vodka, and jager bombs are only $3.00 and are available with an accompanying hug upon request. Take the sting out of another year alone with the best late-night-bar staff on the island — Neil will be pouring mind-erasers for $7.00 if you really need to forget something in particular. Street Meet the American Tavern, where comfort-food, cocktails, and camaraderie collide.