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Top-Shelf Bourbon

Did you know that we here at Street Meet are Bourbon and American Whisky enthusiasts? In the true spirit of America, the tavern keeps a large collection of high-quality whisky on the shelves which is all proudly distilled, bottled, and consumed right here in America.

Booker’s is the best product available from the men and women behind Jim Beam, which is the world’s most popular bourbon. It’s high proof (128.5), does little to diminish the hearty flavor of charred oak and sweet corn in every sip. You can enjoy a glass up, with rocks, or a splash of water for just $9.00

Four Rose’s single barrel is another exceptional bourbon on the top shelf here at the tavern. A single barrel means that all of the whiskey in a given bottle came from one select barrel. Axiomatically, this means that only the finest and high quality barrels are used in these bourbons since they will not be blended with other barrels. A tasty Four Rose’s will only set you back $8.75.

Maker’s Mark is an industry standard when it comes to consistency and quality. A Maker’s on the rocks costs a mere $6.75, and the dilution of the bourbon by the ice tames the smokey texture of this whisky’s finish nicely.

Woodford Reserve small-batch bourbon is another excellent seller here at Street Meet. Priced at $7.50, its an excellent alternative to Four Rose’s. While it is a blended whisky, the smaller batches also requires distillers to be choosy with the barrels used to age the product to create a consistent and powerful taste.

Basil Hayden’s is another selection which we are proud to offer. When Basil Hayden first distilled whiskey from a corn mash George Washington was president. Steeped in tradition, the Basil Hayden method of fermenting, distilling, and aging bourbon remains true to the ways of the past. Also priced at $8.75 it’s become a favorite among many locals.

Bulleit 95  Rye may not be a bourbon as it’s made from a rye grain mash, but that doesn’t mean it is any less delicious. With a flavor that’s round, sweet, and sugary, it’s the perfect desert for a meal filled with beers and bratwurst. At $7.50 the value is hard to beat.

In addititon to our top-shelf bourbons, we also carry Jim Beam white-label, Wild Turkey 101, and Wild Turkey Rye for those with less expensive palettes. If you’re in the mood for old-fashioned, American whisky, look no further than Street Meet the America Tavern.



Trivia at Street Meet!

Did you know that every Tuesday at Street Meet you can win prizes at Trivia Night? We”ve been at it for about eight weeks now and Trivia is a huge success. Our host, Brittany Shane, has come up with all kinds of questions based on sports, movies, television, and a variety of other categories. The favorite of the crowd that frequent Tuesday night trivia  so far has been the “name that tune” round.  Whether its a song or theme song, we put your musical knowledge to the test with a few select measures of popular songs. In addition, Brittany also has incorporated a picture identification round that has everything from athletes to cartoons. If you”re looking for something to break up your current social-scene, then stop by Street Meet on Tuesdays for Trivia. First prize wins twenty dollars of Street Meet cash, second place gets ten dollars of Street Meet cash, and third wins a round of specialty shots for their table. –Wait, you didn”t know? That”s right, Tuesday is shot night: Fireball, Rumpleminz, Jager, Jim Beam, Peppermint Schnapps, Tuaca, and Sambuca are all just three dollars. THREE DOLLARS. So get out here, think a little, and drink a little.

Street Meet: Where the kitchen is open until 1:00 A.M. every night and the bartenders are the best on Hilton Head.

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The Battle for Ohio

With a huge win over the Ravens this past week, the Browns are set to attack the top of the division, the Cincinnati Bengals. The Browns will be on the road on the 17th of November hosted by a very good Bengals squad. Andy Dalton struggled last Sunday while our current man-under-center Jason Campbell kept us in the game all four quarters. The defense will have their hands full up-front with one of the highest ranked offensive lines in Cincinnati, led by veteran Andrew Whitworth, but as the previous week has shown, if you can disrupt Dalton, he”s prone to mistakes. Here at Street Meet, the Official Browns Backer”s Bar of Hilton Head Island, we”ll have the Brownies on every TV we have. If you”re in town, come and root for Cleveland with the locals and enjoy great food and drinks. Pabst Blue Ribbon pitchers are only six bucks, and Bloody Mary”s are three bucks all day long. Let”s go Browns!! Like us on facebook for daily updates.