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The Islands Best Bartender!

Who has the best staff on the Island when it comes to late night bartending? You guessed it, Street Meet the American Tavern. Neil Beatty, our lead late-night bartender has been at it for over a decade, and his tasty cocktails, speedy service, and jovial laugh are proof of his experience. Recently Neil was honored by his favorite patrons, as well as the rest of the island, and awarded Bartender of the Year by the Island Packet Reader’s-Choice Poll. Over 155,000 votes were tallied this year during the poll and Neil had stiff competition all across the Island. We caught up with Neil after he was presented the award and asked him what his secret was. “Experience is a huge plus in this business, and I’ve got my fair share of it – but what I believe is most important is attitude. Maintaining a good attitude is essential in keeping customers happy and comfortable. Whether I’ve seen them a hundred times before, or for the very first time, I strive to keep my customers with a beverage in their hand, and a smile on their face.” Neil works Thursday through Sunday and can’t wait to meet you, so head on over to the tavern where the kitchen doesn’t close until 1:00 A.M. Street Meet, home of the Islands best bartender – call us at 843-842-2570 for directions and daily specials.

The Islands Best Hot Dog!

There’s a reason why we here at Street Meet win “Islands Best Hot Dog Award” year in and year out. We offer three different premium-style hot dogs here at the Meet. The first is our award winning Hoffman German Frank. The Hoffman is a classic-style hot dog made in Syracuse, New York. It’s a combination of three meats: beef, pork, and veal; it has a distinct flavor and comes wrapped in a natural skin casing similar to a sausage. The Hoffman brand is number one when it comes to premium hot dogs. In addition to the traditional German Frank, we also offer the Hoffman Snappy Griller. A white dog made with veal and pork, it has a mellow flavor and is perfect with a variety of different mustards. Last but certainly not least, we also offer the Nathans Famous dog that put Coney Island on the map. Made with 100% beef, the Nathans is a skinless hot dog that ball-park-frank enthusiasts are sure to love. Whether you’re in the mood for something traditional, or contemporary, Street Meet has a high-quality dog for you. Come out and see what you’ve been missing! Street Meet, where the kitchen is open until 1:00 A.M. and high-quality food, meets a no-compromise attitude. Call us at 843-842-2570 for more information.

Browns Versus Packers

This past week the Browns suffered a tough loss at the hands of the Detroit Lions. After establishing an early lead in the first half, the brownies wavered in the fourth quarter, and fall to a .500 win percentage at three wins and three losses. What didn”t waver this week was the support from the Browns Backers of Hilton Head. A patio filled with visitors and locals alike cheered on the Browns until the final whistle here at Street Meet. The weather may be fair here on Hilton Head, but fan support certainly can”t be described as fair-weather here at the Tavern. Win or lose, rain or shine, you can bet that the Cleveland Contingency will be here in force cheering for diving catches and enjoying complimentary jello shots for every Brownie touchdown. Don”t miss out on the great food, drinks, and fun this weekend when the Brownies take on the Green Bay Packers at 4:25 P.M. local time. If you need more information, give us a call at 843-842-2570. Let”s Go Browns! Continue reading

Browns versus Lions

This past Thursday, the Browns made up for a disappointing end to the Indians season with a win over the Buffalo Bills. Unfortunately, Hoyer, the up-start Quarterback was injured during a slide and will be out for the season with a torn anterior-crucial ligament. This brings Brandon Weeden back into the fold and under-center for next week’s contest against the Detroit Lions. With three wins, Cleveland is sitting on top of the division and will be looking to keep moving forward on October 13th.

If you’re a Cleveland fan and you’ll be on Hilton Head Island on the 13th there’s no better place to watch the Browns than Street Meet American Take-Out and Tavern. As the official Brown’s Backers Bar of Hilton Head Island, you’ll be able to watch the Browns with up to two hundred other fans. It may not be First-Energy Stadium, but the weather is a whole lot better and so is the food! Three-dollar Bloody Mary’s and six-dollar Pabst Blue Ribbon pitchers are available all day long as well as our full menu. Stop by and support the Browns with the local Browns Backer chapter, and a fast, fun bar staff.

For more information, call us at (843)–842–2570, or visit our Facebook page for daily updates. Go Browns!